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Dental Implants

Dental implants can replace one or multiple missing teeth. Their high success rate have allowed for more treatment options than ever before. Even one missing tooth can cause surrounding teeth to drift and support a larger work load. In the past, bridges or partials were some of the only treatment options to replace a single missing tooth. By using an implant, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth no longer have to be altered, like in the case of a bridge. They can also be used in more complex cases replacing multiple or all natural teeth. A removable prosthesis doesn’t function like natural teeth whether the prosthesis contains one fake tooth or a complete complement of teeth (denture). Using implants to support these prostheses allows for better chewing efficiency, a more natural appearance and less chance of it causing embarrassment by falling out of the mouth.


Implants have been around for more than 50 years. They are a great option for replacing teeth or retaining partials or dentures. There are several reasons you may need an implant; a tooth may fail or you may not have been born with a full complement of teeth. Implants are placed within the bone as the foundation for which single crowns, bridges, partials or dentures can be built upon.

At Fede Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we evaluate the bone and other important factors using a 3-D x-ray (CBCT) as well as conducting a clinical exam. This 3-D x-ray is utilized to plan the best location of the implant based on esthetic and functional needs, bone quality and bone quantity while avoiding vital structures. Our clinical evaluation takes certain medical and behavioral issues into consideration to increase the chance of implant success.

There are many misconceptions surrounding implants. You may see commercials promising implant retained teeth in one day. While this can be done, not everyone is a candidate for this type of treatment. In many instances, implants are placed, and a waiting period of 2-6 months is needed before any teeth can be added to the implants. Proper planning can increase the likelihood of immediate teeth but ultimately the bone quantity and bone quality will dictate the best course of treatment. Implants may look like screws, but bone is a living tissue, not a piece of wood, and we must respect that.

We place all our implants using a surgical guide. Surgical guides allow us to determine the best placement of an implant before we place the implant in the mouth. The placement of an implant is critical to maximizing functional and esthetic outcomes. An implant can be placed in any area where there s enough “good” bone. However, if an implant isn’t placed in the correct orientation it can become difficult to attach teeth to.

We know implants are a big decision and you may have questions. We encourage you to ask questions to get all the information you need to determine if implants are right for you.

Patient feedback is very important to us. We pride ourselves on our great reputation and honest reviews from all of our patients. We urge you to research us and read what our patients are saying! Please take the time to review us.

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