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Sugar, Are You Addicted?


It is a Sunday afternoon, and I find myself flipping through TV shows, finally settling on NBC’s Biggest Loser. This show caught my attention because of a scene showing a human size pile of sugar in front of a contestant representing the amount of sugar this contestant consumes in a year.  Each day this contestant [...]

Sugar, Are You Addicted?2022-02-02T13:10:58-07:00

Detecting Oral Cancer One Massage at a Time


Patients see me coming as I round the wall to enter the hygiene room to start my exams following their cleanings. I jokingly ask, “ready for your mini massage?” I am referring to the extra-oral full head neck exam followed by an intra-oral cancer screening I am about to perform as part of my exam [...]

Detecting Oral Cancer One Massage at a Time2022-02-02T13:11:06-07:00

Why Does Food Taste Funny After Brushing?


HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED why certain foods taste unpleasant after brushing your teeth in the morning? Most of us have experienced that bitter sensation a time or two, but what exactly causes it? Your Mint Toothpaste Flavor Isn’t To Blame It’s a common misconception that mint-flavored toothpaste causes the unpleasant taste when eating that first meal [...]

Why Does Food Taste Funny After Brushing?2022-02-02T13:11:13-07:00

Washington Post- Does gum disease have a link to cancer, dementia, stroke?


What’s the connection between dental health and overall health? A growing number of researchers are trying to figure that out. By Suzanne Allard Levingston October 1 Open wide. There’s a host of researchers peering inside your mouth, and you may be surprised at what they hope to find. They’re looking for a connection between gum [...]

Washington Post- Does gum disease have a link to cancer, dementia, stroke?2022-02-02T13:11:21-07:00

See The Full Picture On Dental X-Rays


IF YOU COULD HAVE any superpower, what would it be? Would you choose super strength? How about the power of flight? Maybe you’d like the ability to see through solid objects! Although super strength and flight may not come too easily, you don’t have to search far for x-ray vision (in a manner of speaking)! Today, [...]

See The Full Picture On Dental X-Rays2022-02-02T13:11:33-07:00

How To Care For Your Teething Baby


TEETHING IS NO FUN for babies or parents. Some babies’ teeth erupt with no problems at all but for others, it could be a long and painful process. Besides giving your child plenty of tender loving care, here are some things you can do to care for your child’s mouth during the teething phase. Be Aware [...]

How To Care For Your Teething Baby2022-02-02T13:11:46-07:00
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